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All-season tyres, also called all-weather tyres are tyres which are used both at lower and higher temperatures. The main advantage of these tyres is therefore quite apparent that there is no need to change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa, but that they can be driven all year round. This, in turn, has other advantages: for example, you don't have to worry about when the best time to change tyres has come. Last but not least, the use of all-weather tyres saves money for another set of all season tyres Loughborough.

    Especially popular are the Goodyear all-season tyres and the Hankook all-season tyres.

    Requirements for all-season tyres

    Mixed tyres are most common in regions where no extreme climate changes are expected over the year. As the tyres have to meet safety requirements both in snow and in higher heat, they are a mixed type of winter and summer tyre in terms of structure and tread design. The tyres are generalists in their abilities and are less specialised in certain properties. All-weather tyres are ideal for car owners who do not drive so many miles a year and who also drive less powerful cars because these generally have very low tyre wear and do not require optimum grip values in borderline areas, as they do not drive high speeds. Because despite all the advantages, it should be remembered that all-season tyres cannot have the same advantages as tyres adapted to the seasons. At high temperatures, for example, summer tyres still have shorter braking distances than the all-weather tyres, and the latter also show higher abrasion, which is reflected in wear and tear and increased fuel consumption. Furthermore, the precision during the steering process suffers.

    How do all-weather tyres perform in winter?

    As already mentioned, all-season tyres are not optimised for certain weather conditions. But as long as you don't have to expect very severe and cold winters, they are a good alternative. Many of the all-weather tyres also show good grip on snow-covered surfaces. Whether all-season or winter tyres should be used depends mainly on three factors: Firstly, the climate, secondly, the vehicle and its engine and finally, the area of use of the car. All-season tyres are ideal for the primary use in the city, where high speeds are not reached. People who drive a great deal, even long distances, on motorways or country roads are advised to specialise and therefore change tyres to summer and winter tyres.

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