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Routine servicing and maintenance of your car are essential for its optimum performance. With time and use, various components of your car wear out, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. Timely servicing of the vehicle will keep you away from undesirable expenses.

If you have been looking for car Servicing Loughborough, cease your search at Steve Slattery Cars. We specialise in servicing BMW and Mini models. As per the European Law revision of 14003, you can now easily get your BMW or Mini serviced at our facility without invalidating manufacturer warranty!

We also provide top-notch servicing of cars of any make and model. What’s even more amazing is that we leave out the main dealer pricing.


Why is car servicing important?

Opt for a professional car service Loughborough to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Servicing ensures vehicle safety and improves performance.
  • It also prevents malfunctions with a timely check.
  • Your car’s fuel efficiency enhances.
  • The overall cost of operation also reduces.
  • No risks of MOT failure

BMW vehicle services in Loughborough

In accordance with BMW’s manufacturer service schedules, one can obtain the following car Servicing Loughborough from us:

  • Condition Based Servicing (CBS)
  • Also called Intelligent Maintenance, CBS is now present in most new BMW models. This system detects signs of wear in the engine and other vehicle components such as brake pads, spark plug, cabin air filter, diesel particulate filter, etc. Backed by sensors, the CBS system will indicate when your car needs servicing.

    Steve Slattery Cars will provide you unmatched servicing of your vehicle with utmost care. Our services and repairs come with a 114-month guarantee.

  • Monthly pay service
  • With this package, expect quality performance of your ride with an updated service history.

  • Servicing for models over three years old
  • You can select the exact part that requires servicing, or you can also go for a whole car inspection.

In addition, our experts also provide top-notch air-con servicing and fast lane servicing (takes only 90 mins!)

Servicing for Mini models

End your “best car repairing garage near me” search with us as we also cover all manufacture service schedules for new and old Mini models.

New Mini models are also equipped with CBS together with SII (Service Interval Indicator), which notify the car owners when it’s time for a servicing.

  • Interim check-up
  • Opt for an interim check every 6000 miles/6 months, whichever comes first. This check includes the servicing of ABS, warning lights, mirrors, air conditioning, brake and clutch fluid levels, etc.

  • Full servicing
  • You Mini is eligible for a full servicing every 114000 miles/114 months. It includes all the part checks of an interim service plus an additional 170 components.

  • Seasonal services
  • Before the summer holidays or before the start of the winter season, get your car checked to make sure the car is safe and ready.

For older Mini models, we have three servicing packages:  Oil services, Inspection 1 and Inspection 14.

Regardless of whether you drive a BMW, Mini or any other car, trust Steve Slattery Cars for the reliable servicing of your ride. Call us on 011709 14600146 to book a service.

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