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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?


If you notice anything unusual while driving or if you see the engine light showing on the vehicle’s dashboard, it is time to get it checked. Bring your car over to car diagnostics Loughborough. Steve Slattery Cars, operating right from the heart of Loughborough, can accurately diagnose all issues of your vehicle with authorised main dealer diagnostic equipment.

Although we specialise in BMW, and Mini, our expert team provides unmatched car diagnostic test Loughborough for cars of any model and make.

Why are car diagnostic tests important?

Since its inception in the early 1980s, OBD (On-board Diagnostics) is now a part of most 4-wheeler models. The built-in computer system allows technicians to access information regarding the various internal components and vehicle sub-systems. Later, OBD-II was incorporated as a considerable improvement over OBD.

With reliable car engine diagnostics Loughborough, you will be able to execute thorough inspection along with accurate fault detection.

Take a look at some of the benefits of automobile diagnostics:

  • On-board diagnostics provide data in real time together with DTCs (Diagnostics Data Codes). This makes it easier for the technician to identify the malfunction and repair it.
  • With routine car diagnostics, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reliability can improve greatly.
  • The process is convenient, fast and detects emission-related problems efficiently. This is particularly important to ensure that your ride is compliant with the emission standards.
  • It also detects a vehicle’s unsafe driving behaviours.

Now that you know the importance of automobile diagnostics, you may search “car diagnostics near me.” Look no further as Steve Slattery Cars is your one-stop solution. Our in-house team of professionals specialise in conducting diagnostics with only the latest equipment and without any dealer costs.

How do car diagnostics work?

OBD runs on a network of sensors and actuators, which are responsible for monitoring the vehicle’s temperature, pressure, emissions, etc. Some of these sensors are ambient temperature sensors, fluid level sensor, idle speed control, variable valve timing, and throttle actuator. Cam phaser, EGR valve, and air/fuel ratio sensors are some other essential emission controls.

All these sensors and actuators are connected to an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The information these components send can be read on the OBD system via several applications. Data loggers, an important aspect of car diagnostics, are used for monitoring the vehicle during usual operations.

Let professionals handle car diagnostics as the process is intricate. For this purpose, you can always drive down to our facility. We will sort it out for you.

Why Steve Slattery Cars?

Our experts offer excellent car diagnostics Loughborough covering engine management and fuel injection services to performance tuning and diesel particulate filter repair. Post diagnosis, you will be handed over a complete report mentioning the faults detected; we will offer you an estimate and conduct the repair work once we get a nod from you.

Should you need any assistance, visit our facility or call us on 011709 14600146.