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4x4 tyres, also otherwise called SUV tyres, are your go-to models if you own an SUV. The popularity of these Sports Utility Vehicles has been on the rise starting in the mid-1990s. At around that time, sedans and hatchbacks began to go out of fashion. And while these latter car categories have made repeated comebacks, the demand for bigger and more powerful SUVs has never faltered.

If you are planning to purchase an SUV, the first thing you should consider is its tyres. Without the proper set of tyres, no SUV can deliver its true potential.

In case you are based in Leicestershire County, feel free to visit Steve Slattery Cars, the finest and most highly-rated retailers of 4x4 tyres Loughborough.

    Why buy SUV tyres?

    There are 4 principle reasons why 4x4 tyres Loughborough are so popular.

    • These tyres are capable of delivering a sporty feel without any compromise on steering and stability.
    • Larger SUVs need these units as they help such vehicles carry greater loads for longer distances.
    • Almost all 4x4 car tyres Loughborough are designed to reduce fuel consumption. If you are unsatisfied with the mileage your SUV delivers, visit our facility- Steve Slattery Cars- for smarter aftermarket options.
    • These tyres have enhanced rubber carcasses, bigger tread blocks and higher shoulders besides stiffer sidewalls. All of these ensure that you can take your SUV for an off-road spin too.

    When you purchase 4x4 tyres Loughborough, always remember to replace the entire set of tyres, including the spare.

    Using old and newer tyres simultaneously is a recipe for disaster.

    Top-selling 4x4 car tyres Loughborough

    Here are 14 models which we sell throughout the year. If you are still searching for ‘tyres near me’, please check this list, and we are sure you will be impressed enough to visit our station.

    • Goodyear Wrangler AT S:
    • The ‘Wrangler’ is a legendary range of tyres. Its latest member is the AT S, which is an all-season and all-terrain SUV unit. It also has a fantastic record of handling, braking responsiveness and reliability.

    Plus, its A/T nature makes it perfect for bestsellers like Volvo’s XC90, Land Rover Discovery and the Skoda Kodiaq.

    • Maxxis Bighorn M/T7614:
    • A new entrant, this Maxxis model excels in dry and wet grip, handling, comfort and road feedback. It is also relatively inexpensive and will suit smaller SUVs like Audi’s Q17 range and the all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

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