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At the latest when temperatures above the 7° mark are reached for the first time in spring, you should think about

fitting summer tyres, because unlike winter tyres they are optimised for the warmer weather conditions. In order to adapt to the higher temperatures, summer tyres differ from their winter counterparts mainly in two respects, namely their rubber compound and their tread pattern. The material of the summer tyre should have different properties, so it is important that it is not too soft and that it can handle well even in hot weather conditions. The tread is also designed differently from a winter tyre, so it provides excellent grip and low rolling friction even in warm weather. This ensures good driving stability, shorter braking distances and also reduces fuel consumption. There are also differences between the two types of tyres in terms of tread depth: the recommended tread depth for winter tyres is 4 mm, whereas a tread depth of 3 mm is recommended for summer tyres. Legally the required tread depth is only 1.6mm.

    Tips for buying summer tyres

    It is advisable to follow the E-O rule when buying, which means that the tyres should be fitted - depending on the current temperatures, of course - from around Easter to October. To be able to buy suitable tyres for the summer, it is necessary to know certain parameters such as the correct tyre size and tyre diameter. These characteristics are shown on the tyre sidewalls. You can also find out by looking at the vehicle registration document or an older invoice. When buying new summer tyres Loughborough at Steve Slattery Cars, you only need your vehicle registration number (number plate) to make it even easier for you to choose from our wide range of products.

    We have put together a configurator for our particularly low-priced summer tyres Loughborough.

    Furthermore, personal preferences regarding speed and driving comfort should also be taken into account when you buy summer tyres Loughborough. Michelin summer tyres are particularly popular. Hankook summer tyres also offer safe driving in summer temperatures.

    What else to look out for

    When you buy the best summer tyres Loughborough and get your car's wheel alignment checked from time to time, you will enjoy a longer tyre life span; you can use them for many years.

    However, after several years, as soon as they become porous, new tyres must be purchased. It is also essential to check the tread depth regularly, as falling below the minimum requirements is illegal as it is a high safety risk, not only on wet surfaces.

    Summer tyres Loughborough at Steve Slattery Cars.

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