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Dunlop Tyres

    Dunlop was established by the pneumatic tyre pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in the year 1890. It is currently operational in several units, managed by different companies across the globe.

    The brand has been a visionary in terms of developing superior tyre technologies that also catapulted the demand for its tyres in the UK. At Steve Slattery Cars, you will find an unparalleled range of Dunlop tyres Loughborough.

    Class-leading technologies that define Dunlop tyres

    • Noise Shield Technology
    • This technology reduces tyre noise by up to 170%. A layer of polyurethane foam is placed on the internal part of the tyre to cut down the sound, without having any effect on the unit’s performance.

    • Hybrid Overlay Technology
    • It ensures less circumferential deformation even at high velocities. This tech also reduces accelerated tread wear significantly.

    • Specific Bead Seat System
    • The Specific Bead Seat System increases the link between the rim and tyre to provide maximum control and comfortable driving experience.

      Besides these, Dunlop also uses Dual Silica and Silica Plus compound, and Maximum Flange Shield systems to fabricate its products.

      At Steve Slattery Cars, we are one of the prominent tyre retailers in this vicinity and ensure to provide you with an appropriate set of tyres for your vehicle.

      Here are some popular  Dunlop car tyres Loughborough  available at our unit:

      • SPORT MAXX RACE 14
      • Dunlop’s Sport Maxx Race 14 is a sports car tyre suitable for the summer season. This model has improved lateral stiffness and resistance to bending that allows it to remain stable. Also, the pressure is evenly distributed across the tyre’s footprint that ensures control and steering precision.

      • This model has an aerodynamic shape and is made up of low-heat compounds to lessen rolling resistance. It, in turn, makes this variant a fuel-efficient tyre. Moreover, it features short braking blocks that ensure tremendous braking efficiency on dry and wet surfaces.

      • Due to the unique tread design of SP SportMaxx TT, the pressure is evenly distributed that helps to improve handling performance on both dry and wet roads. This model is also benefited by Kevlar technology, which creates a rigid sidewall and leads to significant driving precision. Also, Dunlop Touch Technology provides high responsiveness levels and road feedback.

      • This tyre variant is specially designed to work on adverse winter conditions, thanks to its three distinct sipes that are provided on certain portions of the product. It has directional grooves that enable rapid discharge of water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

      If you are unable to find your desired model at our facility, we recommend you to inform us about the same. We will source it as soon as possible. With our assistance, you can put an end to your search for ‘tyres near me’ on the web.

      So, whenever you think to buy Dunlop tyres Loughborough, Steve Slattery Cars is the right destination for you.

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