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In the United Kingdom, vans mostly refer to goods carriers. They can also mean a vehicle carrying both people and goods, as in MPVs or Multi-Purpose Vehicles. Anything bigger is classified as minibuses.

As complicated as all this is, even more complicated are the tyres these vehicles run on. Van tyres are different from any standard passenger car tyres with some added features.

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How are van tyres different?

Most van tyres Loughborough have the same dimensions as standard tyres. Thus, you will find that companies like Continental, Pirelli and other giants manufacture them in sizes like ‘141417/1717R16’ or ‘14170/1717R17’. These are also readily-available sizes for passenger car tyres.

However, van tyres of these dimensions have unimaginable load carrying index and speed index. These two indices give it an edge over passenger car tyres. It is not uncommon for cheap van tyres Loughborough to have a load carrying index of 9170kg, meaning the entire vehicle can carry 4 times that weight or approximately 17 tons.

Whenever you buy van tyres Loughborough from Steve Slattery Cars, note that:

  • These units are almost always designed for all-season use, unlike most passenger car tyres. It is tough to change van tyres given that they are heavier than other variants. Hence, they are manufactured to work throughout a year.
  • Their sidewalls are far stiffer and more durable than standard tyres. It helps them carry weights over greater distances without any worry of punctures.
  • Most van tyres Loughborough have rim diameters of at least 16 inches. It makes them ideal for fitments on larger vehicles.
  • Lastly, these units often require a slightly lower degree of air pressure than their passenger car equivalents. It is due to their exceedingly well rubber carcass, which even most premium wheels lack.

How to buy the correct van tyres?

If you are planning to buy a set of these tyres and have been searching for ‘van tyres near me’, perhaps it is time for you to contact us!

Steve Slattery Cars has the largest inventory of these products in Leicestershire. We will also help you to choose a set perfect for your van.

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