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Performance Tyres

You should opt for a set of superior quality performance tyres to complement your sports cars or high-end vehicles in terms of aesthetics and performance. These singular tyres are designed for supercars, and are mostly inspired from racing tyres.

Performance tyres are usually more expensive than other tyre variants and categories. That is because they are tailored for premium vehicles which require precision braking, traction, handling and acceleration.

Almost all major tyre brands have their ranges of such high-quality units.

If you live in or around Loughborough or the greater County of Leicestershire, you will get the most complete range of these tyres only at Steve Slattery Cars. We are proud to announce ourselves as the most relied-upon retailers of performance tyres Loughborough. Our impressive clientele- from places as far as Bedford, Luton, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham- bears ample testimony to this claim.

Benefits of performance tyres

Whenever you procure a set of performance car tyres Loughborough from our facility, you will notice some of these benefits immediately, while others may take some time to manifest.

  • Superior responsiveness:
  • It is a fundamental characteristic of all performance tyres Loughborough. Modern cars come with an array of technological aids including a TPMS, ABS and the ubiquitous ECU. A performance tyre will work well in tandem with these electronic wonders as any response issued by any of these fitments will be addressed within some fractions of a second.

  • Improved handling:
  • One of the first differences you will feel when you buy performance car tyres Loughborough and get them fitted at our facility is how impressive the handling becomes. With a softer rubber compound and rigid sidewalls, these units can caress all sharp bends without any issue.

Unlike standard passenger car tyres Loughborough, there won’t be any squealing sound or sudden jerks.

These characteristics also contribute to the premium nature of these products.

  • Superlative heat dispersion:
  • If you arm your supercar with a set of standard tyres, you will face trouble when manoeuvring. Such tyres are prone to heat build-up. However, with performance tyres Loughborough, this will not happen. These high-quality units possess better heat dissipation abilities which help them to sustain greater speeds for much longer.

Avail a set of these units at Steve Slattery Cars

If you are still hunting for the best ‘tyres near me’, we recommend that you start by visiting our facility. We are located at 126 - 128 Derby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5HL, UK.

Call us on 01509 767265 and book an appointment.

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