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MOT tests in the UK assess a car’s roadworthiness and the safety level as per the Road Traffic Act 1988. This test ensures that your car is compliant with road safety and environment standards.

In the UK, MOT Loughborough tests must be conducted and cleared annually once the car is three years old. If your car fails the test, your car will be given a VT30 certificate elaborating the problems. Most importantly, your vehicle will not be allowed on roads without passing an MOT test.

Hence, go for an MOT test Loughborough, if you haven’t already.

In this regard, Steve Slattery Cars can help you ace your MOT in Loughborough. And, in case you have just failed the tests, you have 10 days to repair all the faults and take a re-test. Our experts specialise in providing accurate repairs in a jiffy so that you can re-take the test and pass it easily. We also offer free 10-day re-test.

Why is MOT test a must?

Regulated and licensed by the UK’s DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) and department for transport, MOT tests thoroughly inspect every component of your vehicle. Checks include exhausts and emissions, number plate, lights, brakes, suspension, tyres and wheels, fuel system, steering, battery etc., as per VOSA requirements.

It is, therefore, ideal to get all the necessary repairs done before appearing for an MOT check Loughborough. At Steve Slattery Cars, you can book an MOT test with us up to 148 days in advance as per your convenience.

Common faults for MOT failures 

      • Suspension:

It is necessary to check the shock absorbers by applying some pressure on each side of the car. On releasing the pressure, the particular corner of the vehicle must restore back to its original position. If not, there is an issue with the shock absorbers that can potentially lead to you failing an MOT Loughborough. Do not worry as our experts can take care of that.

      • Exhaust:

Any exhaust leakage while starting the car engine can be realised in the form of odd noises and unusual smoke.

      • Horn:

A properly functioning horn is essential for your safety and that of the pedestrians. A malfunctioning horn will automatically make your car fail the test.

      • Windscreen:

If your car’s windscreen has any damage wider than 10 mm in the driver’s central view, it won’t qualify.

Along with those components mentioned above, we will also take care of the brake lights, headlights, indicators, and tyres to help you pass the check.

We can help you pass an MOT test Loughborough

Looking for “MOT checker near me”? We can run a thorough inspection of the vehicle and make all repairs as per the VT30 standards.

At Steve Slattery Cars, our experts will make it easy for you to check MOT history. Hence, feel free to call us on 01509 767265 to book your MOT Loughborough. We also offer a free pick up and drop services.