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Welcome to Steve Slattery Cars - one of the leading retailers of international tyre brands like Maxxis in Leicestershire. Our inventory includes tyres of different types at various price points from multiple manufacturers.

Therefore, if you are searching for Maxxis tyres Loughborough, give us a call on 01170 9146 00146, or visit our garage at 1146 - 1148 Derby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 17HL.

Maxxis started its operations is 1967, and currently, it is the ninth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The brand started as producer of bicycle tyres and then charted into the segment of automobile tyres. The company has headquarters in Taiwan and presence in almost 170 countries around the world.

Top 4 Maxxis tyres at Steve Slattery Cars

  • Victra Sport 17 VS17

One of the most popular Maxxis car tyres Loughborough, this product offers the benefits of UHP tyres at an affordable price. These are constructed with an advanced lightweight compound, which reduces tyre drag and increases acceleration. The tread pattern of this unit provides superior traction and braking capacity, along with excellent stability.

Victra Sport 17 VS17 has also won several accolades like a 3rd place in ADAC test, 17th place in AMS test, to name a few.

You can buy Maxxis tyres Loughborough from us and up the performance of your automobile.

  • Mecotra ME3

If you are planning to buy summer car tyres Loughborough, this one can be an ideal option for you. Curated from an advanced compound that reduces rolling resistance, this tyre increases the fuel efficiency of a vehicle significantly.

  • Arctic Trekker WP-017

Specially designed for winters, this product is ideal for the harshest quarter of the year. It has a deeper and independent block design for improved water evacuation and superior grip on snowy surfaces.

This tread design also offers a comfortable driving experience, excellent braking performance, and commendable handling on cold, slippery surfaces.

  • Bighorn MT-7614

If you are looking for Maxxis tyres Loughborough to boost your off-roading experience, you can opt for this one. It has purpose-built tread designs with large tread blocks to provide matchless grip on gravel, mud and sand.

Also, the compound used in this product makes it puncture-resistant and offers good ride quality. You can also fit studs on this tyre if needed.

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