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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning system check & air conditioning system repair.

With Steve Slattery Cars (SSC) you are in the best hands when it comes to qualified and affordable car maintenance/car servicing and car inspection. We ensure all-round reliable mobility: for example, thanks to our air conditioning service.

A fully functional air conditioning system ensures not only comfort and refreshment but also safety. After all, good air quality in the car promotes the driver's ability to concentrate, and thus reduces the risk of accidents. That's why we recommend that you have your car's air conditioning system serviced regularly. Professional air conditioning system maintenance may save you the need for major repairs to your car's air condition Loughborough.

Aircon - not only in summer

Air conditioning Loughborough in the car is especially helpful in summer. But also, in autumn and winter, the air conditioner should not take too long of a break, but should be switched on regularly.

      • These are the reasons:

What many car owners do not know: Even in autumn and winter, it makes sense to use the air conditioner. It should be switched on together with the blower even in wintery temperatures to protect the interior of the vehicle.This way, the air is dehumidified, and the air conditioning system becomes a secret weapon against fogged windows. Besides, it makes sense to switch on the air con in autumn and winter as well to increase its service life. During operation, moving parts and seals in the cooling unit are lubricated, and the risk of losing refrigerant is reduced. Also, regular use prevents the spread of mould or bacteria in the interior through leaves, snow and moisture. To prevent a fungal attack, drivers should also switch off the cooling function shortly before the end of the journey, but leave the fan running. This blows the moisture out of the system.

A practical example of our air condition service Loughborough:

We carry out a thorough and inexpensive automotive air conditioning service on your vehicle: This service includes a complete car air condition Loughborough system check, including air conditioning system maintenance and air conditioning system inspection.We check:

  • water tanks
  • pollen filters
  • evaporators
  • electronics
  • mechanics
  • refrigerants

If an air condition repair Loughborough should be necessary, we will arrange cheap and fast troubleshooting after consultation with you - directly by our professional workshop team.

Air conditioning Loughborough - Steve Slattery Cars

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