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Are you looking for Timing Belts Service for your vehicle?

Timing Belts Service

Timing belt or cambelt, as some might know it, is an integral part of an internal combustion engine. You might be familiar with it as the rubber belt in the engine that holds the crankshaft and camshaft together. Basically, it times their movements.

And like any other mechanical parts, the timing belt can also suffer wear and tear over time. So, it is always advisable that you routinely check its health. You can visit us for timing belt change Loughborough if you think you are noticing tell-tale signs of this component in your engine giving up slowly.

The experienced team of experts at Steve Slattery Cars, can readily diagnose your vehicle’s cambelt. Engine cam belt repairs/changes are quintessential services, otherwise your engine might suffer irreparable damages.

What is the timing belt’s function?

Typically, you will find the cambelt at one side of your car’s engine with a rather intricate arrangement. Its function is to time the crankshaft and the camshaft. Simply speaking, it syncs the upper part of an engine containing valves and cylinder head with the lower half, which includes pistons and crankcase.

So, when and if a timing belt snaps, it can cause severe damage to the valves and pistons, which, in turn, can compromise the engine longevity.

Imagine the cambelt snapping in the middle of nowhere. To avoid such surprises, it is always wise to look for timing belt repairs near me when time’s still your friend.

Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for how long you can use the belt and also habitually check it once a year in a well-facilitated automobile repair shop for timing belt change Loughborough.

Tell-tale signs of the timing belt giving up

Some signs you should be on the lookout for are –

      • Engine is revving up slowly.
      • Lack of power in an engine.
      • Rattling sounds even when a motor is idle.

These are signals that your vehicular engine’s timing belt is loosening and it shall be your prompt to seek professional assistance.

Why us?

We at Steve Slattery Cars, boast of one of the most exhaustive facilities in Loughborough for car repairs. Our cohort of proficient and experienced mechanics will ensure your engine is redeemed before it gives up by means of a snappy cambelt. Don’t hesitate, for our overall cambelt repair costs are really affordable.

So, set an appointment or just drive down our facility for superior and cost-effective Cambelt Change Loughborough.