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Winter tyres

Winter tyres ensure your safety during the cold season. Summer tyres do not have enough grip in the cold, and their construction is not suitable for driving on snow, ice or mud. 

Winter tyres are marked with the abbreviation "M+S" and/or with the snowflake symbol. Passenger car winter tyres should be fitted during the so-called O+E period, from October to Easter and/or from below 7 degrees Celsius. Tyres for winter have a rubber compound that remains elastic at low temperatures and thus guarantees more grip. The structure of the winter tyre is designed to achieve better driving and traction properties on snow and mud. This structure consists of block-like longitudinal and lateral grooves which are larger than those of conventional summer tyres. The space between the tread grooves is also wider. The tread depth of a winter tyre should not be less than 4mm. With decreasing tread depth, the grip on snow deteriorates significantly.

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